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Face to Face/Online/Phone Counselling

 One of the most exciting developments in counselling comes from marrying traditional face to face therapist skills with modern technology: Counselling via online video link or telephone.

Research indicates that the outcome for clients who have undertaken counselling via video link or telephone can be similar to those having standard therapy in person.

Online/Telephone Counselling opens up this form of help to clients who previously would find it difficult if not impossible to travel to a face-to-face meeting, such as those who have restricted mobility, are housebound for any reason, live in remote areas, or do not have childcare.

Not all client issues may be appropriate for counselling via video link/telephone and being in the same room with your Counsellor will generally be many clients’ first preference. However, time restrictions and other commitments at home mean it can be difficult for people to arrange regular counselling sessions.

Please note: 

Skype & other such platform counselling is not suitable for those who are at risk of suicide, in acute crisis, or have serious mental health issues; there are limits to what a Counsellor can do remotely. In such cases, your GP or Doctor is always your first port of call. Couples counselling is also not generally offered via Skype.

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