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Employee Counselling

Many companies offering Counselling services as part of an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), will tie you into a contract, and will charge you a fee calculated on how many employees you have, whether or not the employees use the service.  


I do not do this, I realise that many smaller organisations may be struggling to provide the best support they can for their employees, but are also on tight budgets to stay in business. For this reason, I am willing to see any employee as and when the need arises, I will only charge you for those that actually use the service.


Counselling may help your employees and can:  


  • Support an individual or team through a difficult period.  


  • Demonstrate a duty of care to your employees.  


  • Assist employees in achieving a harmonious work-life balance.  


  • Minimise the risk of litigation for your organisation   Reduce employee and organisational stress   Provide a confidential service for employees who feel unable to turn elsewhere.


  • Improve productivity and efficiency – a distracted employee does not work efficiently.  


  • Combat or manage harassment and bullying.  


  • Reduce staff turnover and absence rates.  


  • Support a population facing psychological challenges

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